Volunteer Instructions

Thank you for volunteering at Rock’n Ribs! Please make sure you read all instructions!

To all volunteers, thank you so much for helping us make the event a success every year. There is a Volunteer Site/Entry Map available that you can use to be familiar with your assigned area before the event. We will be giving further direction to everyone when they check-in.

Please keep in mind that day of event volunteers may be reassigned if needed to fill spots, such as extra Parking volunteers may be reassigned to help at a Gate, etc. Please be patient as this is a possibility; we put help where needed.

For ALL Volunteers:

  • All Volunteers will be using Gate 9 for entry regardless of day/shift time.
  • On your Reminder Email there is a link to the Mobile Sign-In. Please click this link to sign-in for your shift when you arrive in the E-Plex. We are hoping this streamlines some issues when a lot of volunteers arrive for check-in at once.
  • Volunteer T-Shirts will be available when you check-in at the Volunteer Check-In Desk.

Friday 2pm to 11pm and Saturday 7am to 11pm Volunteers:

I suggest taking Grant St. North to the Fairgrounds and then turn left onto Smith St. and proceed to Gate 9. If you go this way, the gate you want is the second gate on the left, clearly marked Volunteer/Judges. See Volunteer Site/Entry Map.

In years past we have struggled with keeping our parking area for volunteers free of people who should not be in the volunteer lot, making us run out of space. We implemented a parking plan 5 years ago that requires volunteers to pay entry and parking fee and be reimbursed immediately upon check-in.

I am going to try a different method this year and have you pull up your Reminder Email on your smart phone to show when you pull in to park. If you don’t have the reminder email on your phone, please have the requested money for entry and parking. You will be charged $5.00 to park and $10.00 admission; you will be reimbursed when you check-in. You must be in the computer assigned to a shift for that day to receive reimbursement.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your shift time to get checked in, collect your refund and receive volunteer instructions for your task. It is always best to plan for traffic since you are volunteering during event time.

In the event that Volunteer Parking fills up, you will be redirected to Gate 10 and the same process will happen there. If this happens you will need to get a ride on the shuttle or walk to Volunteer Check–In on east side of E-Plex.

ALL Volunteers 

Please make note of the weather and dress accordingly; bringing an umbrella if needed. It is better to take off layers than be cold. Appropriate footwear is also important, flip flops or open toed sandals are not recommended, especially for those volunteers helping with setting up or tearing down. If you are working during setup, please bring your own gloves if you have them.

Please wait for your relief to show up before you leave your volunteer area. If relief does not show up and you can’t stay any longer, contact the Volunteer Check-In or stop a member of the Executive Committee (usually in a red Rock’n Ribs shirt).

You will be given instruction on your task area by check-in desk, previous shift volunteers or someone in a red event shirt. Again please arrive 30 minutes early for your shift to allow for traffic, getting checked in, and making it to your assigned area for shift start time.

If you work extra time and would like to receive credit for your charity, group or self, please check out at the Sign-In Console in the Volunteer Check-In area.

And again thank you for your help in making this event happen!

Lisa C. Keene
Volunteer Coordinator
Rock’n Ribs BBQ Festival