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All Teams need to arrive through the team entry gate located on W. Smith Rd (in front of Hillcrest High School). Team check in will also be at that gate. You will need to arrive and be set up by Friday at 2pm but can start as early as Wednesday afternoon. All cars must be off the lot by 2pm and no outside food and alcohol will be allowed in after 2pm. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR VEHICLE AS SOON AS ALL OF YOUR EQUIPMENT IS DELIVERED TO YOUR SPOT.  All lanes need to remain open so there is enough room for all the teams to deliver their grills and for us to set up all the tents.


Gates will lock late on Friday night so if you plan to leave at any point and then come back in the middle of the night, please let me know so we can make arrangements.


The cost is $45/day for each RV or camper. If you are camping. You will be directed to your spot at Team Check-In.

Parking Passes

All teams will receive 2 Team Parking Passes.  If you have not already done so and would like to purchase additional parking in Team VIP Parking, passes are $25 each and can be purchased through me before the event.


Volunteers for your booth without wristbands and team parking passes will need to pay to park and pay for their entry. Pre-sale tickets are $8 at Hy-Vee, Great Southern Bank and Kum & Go. Parking is $5.

Wrist Bands

All teams will receive 5 wristbands for their cook team or volunteers to wear for entry and re-entry into the event. They will be put on at team check in. If you decide to cook for the public on Friday as well, you will get an extra 5 wristbands (10 TOTAL). Cooking on Friday night is the ONLY way to receive extra wristbands/tickets.


Sponsors only are allowed to hand out company info, gifts, items to the public. Teams that are only teams, are not allowed to do so. Please remember that teams and sponsors alike are not allowed to sell anything to the public.

Product Donations

If you have something that you would like to donate to the event, for us to sell in our “General Boar Store” to benefit the children’s charities, please let me know. We can also take donations for the goodie bags (240 total) if you are interested.


You will need to provide your own people to serve to the public.  These “volunteers” in your booth are not considered RnR Event Volunteers.  They will not receive free parking or entrance.  They will need to pay for themselves or use the team wristbands or tickets you provide them.  They will still need to pay for parking unless they have our team parking pass.

Mandatory Cooks Meeting

Friday- All Teams MUST attend the MANDATORY cooks meeting at 4pm.


Jason Brown will serve as the food services.  The meat inspector will be available Thursday afternoon and all day Friday.  Do not prep your meat until it has been inspected. When you are ready for inspection:

  1. You will be given a piece of bright colored fabric to attached to your team sign and display when you are ready for the meat inspector, and
  2. Contact the nearest Rock’n Ribs “Red Shirt” Volunteer, give them your team name and booth number and they will radio in a request for inspection, or contact Jason at 417-827-0320 for an inspection.

Friday Night Public Sampling

Teams are given the option to serve meat to the public on Friday night. Teams choosing to do so will receive approximately 50-60 lbs. of meat for Friday night.

Saturday Public Sampling

All teams are required to serve to the public on Saturday. If you are NOT competing in the KCBS sanctioned events, (rib, pork, chicken, brisket), you will be serving the public from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you are competing in the KCBS events, you will be serving from 1:15-5:00pm. Every team will receive approximately 130 lbs. of pork butt. If your team is cooking a whole hog for the whole hog competition, that will be your public sampling meat.

Provided Supplies

To serve the public on Friday and Saturday, you will receive a box with the following supplies. Please bring anything else that you might need for cooking and cleaning.

  • 1 box of gloves
  • 1 plastic spray bottle for bleach water (health code requirement)
  • 8 Aluminum Plans
  • 12 sleeves of sample cups
  • 5 trash bags
  • 12 Sheets of 3ft long butcher paper


Will be available for $5 per bag at the volunteer tent and volunteers will be walking around with it Saturday morning.

Beer Sales

Cases and kegs of Budweiser products can be purchased at the event by the case and keg. To purchase cases and kegs, go to the official beer truck, closest to the teams (will be shown on map when we have it finalized) and ask for the Beer Truck Manager. You must have proper Team Identification. If you know ahead of time that you are interested in purchasing a keg or case, you can do so on the team registration form. If you need a tub or tap for a keg, you must pre-order. They will not be available at the event.

Sanitation Procedures

Please review the sanitation procedures and bring your favorite ball cap to satisfy health codes.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours start at 11pm on Friday and Saturday night. Please be respectful of the teams around you.

KCBS Rules

The KCBS Reps will be available before and after the cooks meeting to answer any questions you might have.

Water Hose

Don’t forget to bring your own 50′ water hose. A hook-up will be in the lane behind your tent. Please don’t drive on the blue hoses! They are water lines and break easily.

People’s Choice Voting Procedure

Attendees will be given a voting ticket. Please remind attendees to vote for your booth.